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June 23, 2005 / TildeWill

Batman Begins, I hope it never ends!

This movie kicks ass! DC is giving Marvel a run for their movie money
with this one. Ok, so no one liked the Hulk, and Dare Devil wasn’t
amazing, but they aren’t the poster children either. I’m talking about
Spiderman, the X-Men, Batman, Superman. These are the characters that
are the face of a franchise.

The reason I hate movie reviewers is well illustrated by the Florence Recorder.The
writer beats on this movie because it isn’t campy "comic book" fun. If
I’ve only learned one thing from anime, it is that cartoons can be just
as dramatic and far from funny as any TV show or movie. This particular
movie is all about darkness, about shadows, and about fear. If you want
to destroy an environment of fear, try laughter, works every time.

Of course you can’t argue with this cast, Liam, Morgan, and Katie are
well cast into their somewhat type-cast roles, which is ok, because,
well, they’re good at it.Bale is both a great Wayne and a great Bat.
He’s got the hair that Keaton, Clooney, or Kilmer never had. He’s also
got the ninja skills, and they do a good job of working in the gadgets.
Alfred is a constant reminder that our hero has no extraordinary
powers, but we find that Bruce takes his ordinary powers of wealth and
determination and puts them to good use.

Go see it, then go see it again because you want to. That’s how you
know something is great, when you want to go back a second time.


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