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June 20, 2005 / TildeWill

Politics & Will

I’ll post more about the weekend later if you’re lucky, but in short I had a great time and I was quite sad to see the weekend come to an end. At some point the topic of discussion turned to politics. As a general rule my friends have favored the liberal/democratic side, whereas I’ve come up in a conservative/Republican environment. So that usually puts me on the opposite side, and alone so I tend to avoid talking politics altogether.

My other beef is that rarely does anything change because of discussing politics, and often people get worked up or upset when there were generally high spirits before. No one changes another’s stance, it is a battle of? belief systems, and there are no winners in that war.

But my most motivating factor for avoiding politics and I think also is shown by my choice of not voting is that I feel the people can govern themselves just fine. Yes, I disagree with certain specific policies. But I also recognize that our system is set up to allow the masses to select? their representatives, and that those representatives are supposed to act on behalf of the majority. For the times when they act for the minority or worse, themselves, there is recourse, there are checks and balances. ? I have absolute faith in our system, not to do what is right necessarily, but at least to do what the majority wants. And that’s ok in my book.


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