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June 20, 2005 / TildeWill

C’mon Ride Tha Train!

Friday night Kyle and I got on the road at about 6:30pm and much to our surprise we were met by the ladies, Jess and Britt coming from Louisville at our scheduled rendezvous point near Indianapolis. On that first leg of the trip we almost died because both Kyle and I got distracted by a woman in a white tank top on the side of the road and the van started to drift towards a parked semi. Whoops.

We also rounded up Bruno and enjoyed an Apple-bee’s dinner. He pointed out that we were all single to which everyone just kind of nodded and shrugged. Then it was back on the road. The ladies passed out in the back (and nearly froze to death) while I used toothpicks to hold my eyes open so I’d keep talking to Kyle to keep him awake. I hadn’t spent a whole lot of quality time with him before and he’s a pretty easy guy to talk to, I’m just not used to staying up till 2am.

We check in and pass out. Monday morning we make our way over to Neal’s place, and hop on the train to Downtown Chi-town. We had to meet Katie at 5pm so we killed the next four hours eating lunch, trying to find a sweater for Britt, and cruising around Millennium Park. That park rocks. There are these two towers of glass that have a billion LEDs behind them and they project faces onto the glass. I want one. I also improved my hacky sack ability 5 fold just standing around with Kyle killing time.

Once we linked up with Katie we went to Heaven on Seven, a Cajun? restaurant where the drinks were supposed to be the best. I enjoyed good food, good company, and good drinks. It’s on the higher end of casual dining, but well worth it if you get the chance. Then from about 8pm until 2am we rode the train.

Ok, not the whole time, but we did do a jaunt over to get Katie’s stuff, then we tried to catch the 10:30 train back to Crystal Lake, but the Space Time Continuum ate our warp drive, so we instead played Apples to Apples in the train station until the 12:30 train came around. The game is "fun", but since points are not absolute, but rather awarded by the judge that round, it kinda gets under my skin. It is the perfect game for those of you who love writing and the English language. I, however, like my rules.

Sunday everyone else got up super late, so I went downstairs to settle the bill. They wanted to charge me an extra $34 for Saturday night. I explained that I had not been informed that there’d be a price difference and holiday Inn kindly refunded the difference. My AAA membership and excellent negotiation skills saved the group over $100. Woo hoo! (do not yell this on a train late at night by the way)

By the time we got to Neal’s it was too late to try to go back to Chicago and hit navy Pier like we planned so we hit up the Crystal Lake park instead, which DOES have swings. I dressed up in my suit and new red shirt because I had been deprived the chance to wear it all weekend. I felt overdressed which was exactly how I wanted to feel.

On the never ending car ride back I got some quality conversation time with Britt and Kyle again. Good times all in all and I hope we’ve all learned that we need to do things like this more often.

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