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June 17, 2005 / TildeWill

Happy Blog Year!

One year ago I started this particular web log. It has been a crazy year since then, but I’ve kept up with the postings and the readers have kept reading. Since June 18, 2004, I’ve graduated from college, dated someone new, got hired as a contract employee, stopped dating someone, finished my contract, moved two hundred miles away, started my first permanent full time position, and ate a ton of Dunkin’ Donuts.

We’ve seen guest posts from people like Mario, Nads, and the Great Dickersonian. I’ve rambled about fencing ad nauseaum including my ever trying but greatly rewarding fencing club, River City Fencing. I’ve told you stories about bodily functions, smells, and gunks that you probably wish you could forget about. you’ve seen me upset, you’ve seen me rejoice. There have been many victories, and several defeats.

There are over 430 posts in my blog, some of which are private as I’ve learned this year that there are times that I should just keep my mouth shut. Writing is an outlet for me, a place to unload extreme emotions, both happy and sad. you’ve done your part too, there are over 500 comments, letting me know I’ve engaged you as a reader. This blog is also a tool I hope has made others feel more normal, to know that someone out there goes through some of the same things you do. I also hope you have learned more about me and who I am, good or bad.

This blog will go on,
And the next year awaits.
Though,? my #1 goal
Is to find me a mate!

I’m sure I’ll keep working,
I’m sure I’ll still travel.
The story of Will,
Another year we’ll unravel!


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