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June 14, 2005 / TildeWill

I Read About Things

I hread and hear about things, terrible things that go on in this world. My initial reaction is that it is a sure sign that the world is getting worse. But then I think about it, and I think that the world has always sucked. Lets go back a few years to the invention of TV. An escape into a fantasy world from the trials of daily living. Go back further to writings of fiction, same purpose. What about Jesus? If he was real, then he came to save us from a sucky life. If he wasn’t real then someone made up something so we’d at least think that there’s a better place to go to after life.

I wouldn’t go so far to say life is getting better, but I think it is a lot like my own life. When I find I have a lot of free time I find something to fill it up to the point where I’m stressed out again. The world must not be unlike that. When there’s too much peace, someone sees it as a time to strike. When there’s too much joy, someone feels left out and jealous.

And we’re not all that creative of a species. We’re only now beginning to realize some of the dreams that the ancients wrote about. I think we may perceive some greater difunction because we’re more aware of it thanks to things like the internet, better statistical record keeping, etc.

It’s just a two minute thought, but in summary I don’t think life is getting worse or better, just kinda staying balanced.



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  1. Heather / Jun 17 2005 2:23 pm

    Anne and I were talking about something kinda similar last night. She said that she feels life is generally unfair, that bad things will happen to you even when you haven’t done anything to deserve them. Bad things will happen to you, this is true, but I think that is exactly why life is fair. It is fair because sometimes bad things will happen when you’ve done nothing to deserve it but many other times good things will happen when you’ve done nothing to earn them. Of course it works the other way too; sometimes you act like an ass and doing something wrong and it comes back to bite you in the ass, and other times you work hard to do the right thing and it pays off. My argument was that if you could somehow tally up every event in your life and give it a score of how positive or negative it was, you’d find that your total would be right around zero by the time you died. Things even out. Life can just feel unfairly punishing sometimes because it’s easy to remember the bad stuff that happens and rarely remember the good. I try to stay aware of this and be thankful when things go right.

  2. Annes / Jun 17 2005 2:42 pm

    My opinion is somewhat more involved than simply “life’s not fair.” I feel that while everyone has ups and downs, some people deal with pain and loss in far larger doses than others, more pain than can be balanced out by pleasure or gains. So while most people could approach 0 upon death, many won’t. This, unfortunately, is part of life, and a part of life that we can help others overcome by being there for them when pain and loss occur.

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