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June 11, 2005 / TildeWill

Friday Night Recap

So there was a fencing tournament. I went 3 and 1 in my pools, losing that? one by one point. So I felt pretty good. I had an easy first round in the DE’s and then my second DE was against Patrick Desimo. I had fenced him before and lost, and I hate going into bouts with that mind set. He has this fleche that is just like Mike’s from Purdue, where his arm is way out and his torso is parallel to the ground. Even if you manage to parry it there’s no where to repost to.

But like Mike, he’s big in his defensive blade work. I found I could draw a reaction and land about 1/4 of my attacks when he didn’t counter into me. I was getting pissed off because he hits so hard. I have two gashes on my leg and a giant pock mark in my elbow pit that still stings this morning. I’m off targeting a lot, and I thought I landed a few but maybe it hit his arm on the way in. Then I land one square in his chest, but the light is off target. Sure enough his body cord has broken and I have been hosed out of at least one point and probably more like? two or three. I’m down already and that just eats away at me. I manage to come back a bit in the second period by flopping up in the air when he starts his aggressive attack. Final score, 12-15. Balls.So out of 15 fencers? I only finished in the top 8.

I directed a bit during the tourney and a few DE’s once i was done. I directed for one girl who constantly told me what she thought the action was. WTT? My job is to call the action, hers is to fence. I don’t want her opinion. Even if I did want it I still wouldn’t change the call. If you’re fencing for me, your best move is to ask for clarification, and keep your opinion to yourself.

I also got to talk to Karl from Miami of Ohio. We both griped about how shady the directing at OSU is, how they make blatantly wrong calls when they don’t even need to. Anyway it was a bonding experience and Karl kind of reminds me of Big Joe physically, so I guess Karl is my Big Joe away from home. Now all I need is a Nadratowski and a Neon Cactus and I’m all set.


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