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June 7, 2005 / TildeWill

Will Read 360

$200 and 360+ miles I’m home and so is my new car. This morning I
killed waiting on an estimate of the damage from the repair shop on the
old Taurus. Their findings: the transmission is goosed. To put in a
used transmission would cost $1600. To put in some rebuilt transmission
with a warranty was even more. Plus the service engine light is on.

I call around and none of the dealers want to touch my car with a ten
foot pole if the transmission is shot and it has the 135,000 miles on
it. Ok…. so I have the shop call a scrap yard or two. The scrap yards
don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole either. *pause* So now I
basically have a one ton paper weight that was worth $3000 last week in
a person-to-person transaction, or $1900 to a dealer according to the
Kelly Blue Book.

Well even if I had them put in the transmission the soonest they’d have
it ready would be Friday, and I still need to get my car from
Monticello eventually, so the best solution to my problem is to get to
Monticello today, except that no one is available to drive me that far,
parents are out, people in Cinci are working, as are most Purdue
people. So I rent a car for 4 hours for the low low price of $145 after
a $20 cab ride to the airport to pick it up. I hate being under 25.

Becky is my hero because she took the time to have dinner with me. I
really needed that mental break from the whole mess. She then took me
up to Monticello where I unloaded the car and then headed back to
Florence. About half way home I realize that my phone was still in the
rental car. I start to freak out, but then I put it all in perspective,
that with everything that could have gone wrong, missing a $40 phone
isn’t so bad. So a big thank you to Becky!

Meanwhile, back at the shop, someone has volunteered to buy my car; he
initially offered $300, I countered with $500, we settled at $400. I
think a 33% increase is pretty good negotiating on my part, but it’s
still a big hit from the $3K I was planning on.


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