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June 7, 2005 / TildeWill


Today was an "interesting" day at work. Ok not that crazy, but we had
the first official meeting of the newly formed Level II Programming
unit/ devision/ whatever. I got to see a hint of where things are
going, what tasks are ahead of us, and how the group dynamic will
really be.

Later in the day, I was assigned the project of the intranet. The whole
thing. I’m excited, and not in the "excited" way. I love web
programming. I’m also working with some talented guys. The first big
challenge is to unite three websites into one happy cohesive site
running on a single server. The trick is to find a happy place where we
do more than strap the same header on all the pages without starting
from scratch.

I’ve got some goals and plans ready, but if I learned anything today, it was to keep an open mind.

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