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June 5, 2005 / TildeWill

It’s Not That Big of a City

Friday night I set out to get some fresh air at Sawyer Point on the
North side of the Ohio River. I had also hoped to break out the frisbee
and rope some passers by into a game or at least play catch. When I got
there the sun was setting so I walked around, checked out the set up
for a festival that was happening the next day, and made my way for the
Purple People [Eater] Bridge to get over to the South side of the river
where there are a lot of stores and things to do. After a while I made
my way to the book store where I ran into Jess. It was kinda crazy to
run into someone like that because to me Cinci/ northern Kentucky is
such a big area and you’d think there’d be so many places a person
could be that you’d never run into anyone. So that was a nice treat.

Saturday I got invited out to play frisbee golf with Whitey and the
Funks. I had never played, but I borrowed a disc until I found a lost
disc on the second hole. It was fun, and a lot of walking, it also got
me outside and this was a great weekend to be out. We then ate at the
Cock and Bull English Pub and parted our separate ways.

Sunday, more frisbee, only this time it was 90° F and in the
form of Ultimate Frisbee. It was too hot for me and I was blacking out
all over the place, but having fun none the less in between resting and
pouring water down my throat. Afterwards, we all (Funk, Holly, and
Whitey) agreed to meet back at the Haufbrauhaus at 5pm so we could
shower and change.

Well I’m driving home, get two miles form my exit when I lose power to
my wheels. I coast over to the shoulder and do an initial diagnostic.
Nothing is on fire or spewing liquids, so that’s good. I call AAA and
have then send a tow truck. The shops are closed because it is Sunday
so that’s where my car is.

But the Funks are nice enough to pick me up and I have a good time at
Haufbrauhaus. I was glad to spend so much time with the three of them
since I hadn’t seen much of them since I had moved here.

The sucky part is that I’ve got a new Taurus waiting for me up just
north of Lafayette at my parents place, but no way to get up there and
get it. So I may be renting a vehicle tomorrow or maybe just calling in
to work and taking a personal day. I’m trying to find someone who wants
to drive all over the tri-state area in the meantime. We’ll see.

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