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June 4, 2005 / TildeWill

Let the Truth Be Known?

Brittany: What seems weird is my choices have given me stronger relationships with everyone in my life except my parents.
Will: interesting
to me, I haven’t thought about my own life and how my choices affect my
own relationships, but I’d tend to think the more honest and open I
was the stronger those relationships would become
Will: but now that you mention it, I can’t say that anyone has ever smiled at the thought of "brutal honesty"

The point of this conversation was to illustrate the nuances of the
truth and being honest with people. Yes, it is important to be honest
with those you care about, but it is also true that they don’t always want to
hear it. So the question is do you lie in those situations, avoid
talking about it? Or do you just lay it down and tell it like it is?
I’ve always been a fan of the later.

Why? Because it gives your friend some further insight into who you are
as a person. It also lets them know that if you can tell them the hard
stuff to their face, that you’re more likely to tell them your opinion
truthfully when they ask for it later. It is this way that people come
to depend on you and you can depend on them.

It’s that trust part of friendship that I mentioned before.I
note that nowhere in that definition does it say that a friend is
someone who sugar coats things and tells you what you want to hear,
only "know, like, and trust". I guess it’d be hard to like someone who
is always telling you things you don’t want to hear, which is why in
any relationship it is important to give compliments as often as
possible, to let that person know you like them too.


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