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May 22, 2005 / TildeWill

I’m in a funk

Last week was nothing shy of a disaster for numerous independent
reasons. I won’t go into it, but I will say I hope next week doesn’t
suck so much.

I was in Lafayette/Monticello this weekend. The main purpose of my trip was to check out the Morton Community Center
where RCF will now be moving to on August first. I had checked out the
place before but I was shooting too high before and wanted to rent a
gym. The cost for the gym two nights a week was about the same as
getting the space we have now full time. The room we will be moving
into has been freed up since the construction at the West Lafayette
library has been completed.

The room is awesome, and there’s bathrooms, and it is air conditioned.
Not to mention that we’ll be in a community center where plenty of
people will be walking by. I’m really excited about this move and what
it means for RCF. Plus the gym is available if we ever need to host a

I also hosted a small class at RCF. I really just wanted to see the
fencers again and this made for a good excuse. After that I took
Brandon over to see Morton. Then it was home to celebrate my mom’s

We watched the Indiana Beach commercials finally and I’m in all 5. The
commercials are really well done and I laughed a lot while watching
them. That was a ton of fun. We then headed to IB’s Sky Room for a
wonderful dinner and then out to the movies to see Star Wars III.

The acting/dialog still sucked dog balls, and it’s still clear that
George hasn’t relinquished his hard-on for special effects because they
were still excessive. But it did tie everything up nicely, and I did
enjoy it, and I would go see it again if someone asked me to go with
them. I totally want a giant iguana to ride to work.


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