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May 18, 2005 / TildeWill

From all my time on the road…

My name is Mr. Ohio Driver. I have a wife, Mrs. Ohio Driver. We are law
abiding citizens. We never speed, in fact we often drive well below the
speed limit to ensure that police officers do not get us confused with
someone from Kentucky, Indiana or Heaven forbid, Michigan.

Our favorite thing to do is drive in the far left lane. That lane was
made for us. And though some will say that the left lane is for passing
and faster traffic, we like to think it is there for people who like to
cause great anguish to others.

Many times a car will catch up behind us and after a while will flash
his lights, wave his hand to the side, sometimes even honk his horn. I
always make sure to smile and wave back. It’s fun to drive in the left
lane for miles on end and I’m glad to share that with others.

I am Mr. Ohio Driver, and it feels good to be a left lane kind of guy.



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  1. Brent / May 18 2005 8:58 pm

    There are, of course, many four-letter words that one can use to describe people who drive in the left lane up a hill with their foot off the accelerator (so as to not go above the speed limit once they’re over it)…ironically, the best one is printed right on thier license plate: OHIO

  2. Mike Strickland / May 21 2005 4:35 pm

    I wonder how many of your readers heard my lengendary (or not) rants about left lane whores on some of our trips up to Chi-town?

    God I hate those people.

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