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May 16, 2005 / TildeWill

Monday It Is

Started the day off right with donuts and a drive to work. My job has
been pretty kick ass so far since there’s a lot of web work to do and I
love my web work. To get a little technical, I’m working with .NET a
lot and tying that in to other technologies like PHP using SOAP and
XML. Lots of learning and it makes me feel good inside.

After work I stopped by my apartment long enough to cook some shells,
not eat them mind you, that happened in the car, but to cook them. I
then hurried out to fencing at the great Salle Du Lion. It was footwork
night again only this time I didn’t get run into the ground and could
still move after footwork. I fenced pretty well on the strip and even
got in a bout with Coach Howell. he’s a leftie with a good parry four
as all lefties should have. I found I could use that somewhat to my
advantage, but just attacking I always ended up in four and he, well he
had a good parry four and a good repost.

After that I wanted some ice cream. I knew Cinci was famous for Graeter’s Ice Cream
where I picked up 2 pints of ice cream and a cone for myself. The pints
I dropped off at Jess’s place. I just showed up on her door step with
ice cream. I guess some of the most awkward or crappy moments in my life
have been smoothed over by ice cream, and I figured it’d be a good way
to foster a friendship. It was two pints because I figured Ryan, Jess’s
boyfriend would be there too. In the few moments I got to meet him he
seemed like a good guy, introduced himself and the whole nine yards.
Jess’s place is really nice and the things she’s done with pain in
there really makes it beautiful.

Then I drove home, it’s thirty minutes from Salle Du Lion which is
pretty close to Jess’s, making my total road time today in excess of
three hours. That’s gonna be my regular day. So when people look at me
in shock when I say "I’m driving to Mississippi, 9 hours away" I guess
I can tell them that I drive 1/3 of that every day anyway.


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