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May 15, 2005 / TildeWill

Florence is Good to Come Home To

I just got back from Mississippi and the wedding of my Uncle Jim. I was
dead tired from the 9 hour drive and hungry since I missed Brittany in
Louisville. So I got some donuts of course and the guy gave me four
extras! Add to that the sign at the BP shows gas at just under $2.00,
finally! I was thinking about it and $1 each week I fill up isn’t that
much (figuring 5 cents difference per gallon), but over a year…
that’s $52 in the bank. I know most of you have already done this math
in your head and good for you.

The wedding was fun. It was his second marriage and her third and I
know personally I would have felt weird taking the wedding vows a
second time around. All that "for ever and ever, till death do us part"
stuff; seems like you’d have to take it all with a grain of salt. But
they’re both happy and good for each other so they have my blessing and
full confidence. After the wedding was a "celebration" which is another
word for reception.

I danced of course. One old lady complimented me on my moves. But what
was more fun was seeing my parents out there. Of my dad’s siblings, he
and my mom did the most dancing together and that felt good to see them
still be able to enjoy each other’s company like that.

On the downside was the 9 hour drive each way, 5 of which are on the
Natches Trace, which is this long ass road through national park, and
the speed limit is 50 mph and is heavily enforced, I’m pretty sure
that’s how they fund the park. It’s just one lane each way and so
there’s no one to pass or interact with. Just a lot of road kill and
potential road kill.


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