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May 12, 2005 / TildeWill

There’s a Party in the Park and All of Greater Cincinnati is Invited

Since I was hyping Party in the Park so much I figure I ought to post about my findings. For starters i went alone. The ladies upstairs work late so they couldn’t come (so I’m going out to a bar with Missy tonight, but that’s a different story). Anyway it was exactly what I wanted from such an event.

First off everyone was young or young at heart. So bonus points for being my age group. All the women were a 1 (see "binary scale" for explanation), and the beers came in plastic bottles. The band on stage did almost nothing but covers and did them well so it was a good show, but no one was on the grass to just stand and listen to the band. Lots of frisbee playing though, I’ll have to bring my frisbee next time.

I also took a stroll across the Purple People [Eater] Bridge. Nice view, only a 10 minute walk, and boom you’re in Newport on the Levee. I could totally see a date where we eat in Newport, then walk over the bridge to see a game or concert or maybe just Party in the Park :-P.

Being there alone meant that I busted out my observational skills. I got to see and think about all kinds of human interactions. I saw guys fishing a girl’s hat out of the water for brownie points. I saw a guy use his frisbee to help a woman catch her de-leashed dog. I saw a girl making eyes at me and talking about me to her friends, but she never came over (her loss, and I’m not saying that to make myself feel better). I saw one guy use lines like "Hey! Are you in sales (or marketing, or law, or whatever)" to get a woman’s attention. It worked pretty well at that most basic element, but once the girls figured out what was going on about half started making faces like they were ill and left, but the other half stayed and chatted for a while. Interesting.

Like I told Jacqui on the phone, it felt like summer.



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  1. britt / May 12 2005 11:54 am

    Go you on the doing new things and meeting people.

  2. Will / May 12 2005 12:11 pm

    I think what makes stuff like meeting new people easy is thinking about what I might be afraid of. For instance: Why might I be afraid of meeting someone new? Would it be because I’d try to introduce myself and they’d run away screaming? Sure. Ok, now is this a legitimate fear?
    Will: “Hi, I’m Will, I’m new to the area.”
    Silly, right? While some people might think about running away, very rarely do they actually do so. Thus my fear is not legitimized, so I go meet new people.

  3. Jacqui / May 12 2005 12:22 pm

    You should post a craigslist “missed connections” post to see if you can find that girl. 😛 (j/k, sorta… craigslist in Cincinnati isn’t as widely used as it is in bigger cities)

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