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May 11, 2005 / TildeWill


I now count myself as fully employed, I have my business cards! There’s a ton of ’em too, so they should last me for a good while. More importantly I can now check off "get full time employment" from my list of life goals. That feels good. It sort of validates all the education up to this point and all the time I’ve spent at other jobs getting a feel for what I do and do not like in a work environment. A career is what I have here.

On top of that I was thinking last night how well I’ve fit into Florence. I already know my way around town and I can probably give directions from most major streets to my apartment. I don’t really get lost any more, rather I take diversions, but no matter how hard I try I still know where I am and how to get back. I’m meeting people in town every day so feels like home more and more. Last time I went back to Purdue I had already begun to forget how to get around, I must’ve just been ready to do something new.

So the only real things left on my life to-do list is to find a wife and possibly kids. I haven’t posted about it much but I was back on the personals scene and having my usual low level of success and I remembered that I always wanted to be friends with someone first before I jumped into a relationship, and personals just don’t really cater to that. So while I can’t say that I’m enjoying being single, I can say that I’m ok with it, so long as it means my next relationship is a long and meaningful one.

So I guess whenever that happens I’ll be done with my list and I suppose I would die a happy man, but I plan to live a long time so perhaps I will find new goals as I check off the last few from my youthful list.

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  1. Josette / May 12 2005 4:00 am

    don’t push the happily ever after thing. it will come to you in time.

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