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May 9, 2005 / TildeWill

The Plan

Well I think I’ve got everything taken care of at this point. So now it is just a matter of keeping RCF running from afar and finding out what to do with the free time? I have. This week I’m thinking about having it unfold this way:

Monday: Fencing at Salle Du Lion

Tuesday: Fencing at Salle Du Lion

Wednesday: Party in the Park, with or without my upstairs neighbors. Other Cinci types are also welcome to tag along.

Thursday: Fencing, who knew!?!

Friday: Drive to Mississippi for my Uncle’s wedding.

I thought I said there was free time in there? I guess I lied 😛


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  1. Will / May 10 2005 10:55 am

    UPDATE: So? I left a note on the door of apartment 10 (where the girls live), and I got a call last night after I was asleep so Missy left a message. It sounds like they can’t make it because they’ll both be working. It also sounds like Lydia is dating someone, so I can cross her off the potential dating list, and that she’s rarely around the apartment, so it’ll probably be tough to make a friendship out of it. However, Missy invited me out to some cabin to do some painting/partying which sounds really cool, but I’ll be headed south for the weeding this weekend so I’ll have to decline. *sigh*

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