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May 9, 2005 / TildeWill

Revised Plan

Monday: Fencing at Salle Du Lion

Tuesday: Fencing at Salle Du Lion Recover from Monday

ba-jesus it’s not been since Bruce was up from Florida and conducted
that two day clinic that I’ve felt so winded and weak from fencing
practice. We did drills like it was our job, and I physically could not
walk down stairs without the aid of a rail.

But I did
fence, and I fenced ok. Not great, but right about where I’ve been
fencing for the past few months. I got to fence both of the Howell
kids, Ryan and Chelsey. I lost to both of them, which is ok. I do know
that I didn’t push myself because a) it was practice (and maybe that
mentality needs to change), b) my legs were jelly, and c) I did not
want to establish a reputation the first night and then be expected to
uphold it the rest of my life, I was already asked if I was "the guy
who was really good". Their father is the one who runs/owns Salle Du
Lion. He’s a good guy, I need to find time to talk with him more
though. He seems like an older version of me in regards to fencing.

is just as hot as Nads and I remember her from three years ago. She’s
the "universally hot" which differs a fair amount from "Will Read hot",
and I tend to feel more comfortable around women that are "Will Read
hot". She had a bit of an attitude, but she did make a point to
introduce herself and she smiles a lot.

Both the Howell
kids tapped me on the leg after my bouts with them (or tried to at
least, I’m pretty good at parrying those these days because I’m a
leftie and I hate that). Who does that during practice? I’m gonna bring
it up next time. For those of you not in the know, tapping one’s
opponent after a bout is usually done when you are the winner, it kinda
reminds the opponent, hey, I kicked your ass like I planned. I hate
that. Just shake my hand, is that too hard.And a couple of people would
walk around after a touch taking their sweet time thinking about
whatever. Get back to the like already, I’m here to fence.

from that people were really nice. I don’t know that it’ll ever feel
like the PFC, Jeff, or RCF, but it’s my fencing home for now, and I
love fencing.



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  1. Universally hot chelsey / Jul 17 2005 4:27 pm

    wow will, thanks for the ego boost. But what is the difference between the will read hot and universally hot? anyway sorry if i did seem to have an attitude i try not to but it is something that I guess just comes along with the blonde highlights. By the way tapping on the leg after bouts is something that me and ryan do after we won or lost to someone and we do it with EVERYONE so dont read into it too much. And please going back to the end of the strip to take a moment to think is something that olympians felicia and iris zimmerman told us to do at a clinic years ago that we had at the salle. It really does help you focus and see things clearer (which is what you need to do in practice) Maybe you should try it sometime instead of bashing our habbits 😉 but you wont have to worry about any of those coming from me anymore. bc im sure that you will hear soon enough that i have chosen to quite fencing all together at least for a few years. Anyway take care of yourself maybe see you again soon sometime. peace out read!

  2. Will / Jul 26 2005 10:35 am

    How’d you find my web log I wonder? Anyway, that was a first impression. I have a bad association with getting tapped on the leg because the only time I got was from fencers from Notre Dame and OSU who were generally smug and not the friendly people I’m accustomed to fencing with. With the walking around after a touch, I hate it more because I’m ready to fence and I don’t want to give my opponent a chance to think. So those are just my quirks, and I’ve realized since I made that post that the people at SDL are a ton of fun to hang around.

    I’m sorry to hear you won’t be fencing for a while. now that I’m back from my trip to coaches college I was looking forward to fencing you again and some of the other seasoned members at the club. You have been a great influence on me at SDL and have made an effort to include me in the group. It made me feel right at home there. As for my differing definitions of “hot” I guess universally hot would be someone who I’d expect to see modeling for a magazine, she has that great figure, great skin, eyes that you never want to look away from, and soft blonde hair. Will-Read-hot is different on two counts, 1) I like darker haired women, and 2) I’m intimidated by women who are “out of my league” I guess is the best way to put it. That last part probably had something to do with my initial impression and the poor assumptions I made, but I’m wiser now and I hope you can forgive me.

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