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May 8, 2005 / TildeWill

More Neighbors

Since I like to know who lives around me, I decided to introduce myself
to another person today. I heard Norah Jones coming from the apartment
above so I figured someone must be home. I went up and knocked, no
answer, knock again, no answer. I go down to the grassy lawn behind our
apartments, and I can hear a voice on the phone it sounds like. She’s
home. I don’t have the nerve to stand on the lawn like Romeo yelling up
to Juliet, so I go back to my apartment to make some dinner… and to
try again.

I fire up my grill and throw on a hot dog and I say "Hello Apartment
10!", no answer. "Is anyone home in Apartment 10?" I say, no answer. I
finish cooking my hot dog, and decide to give it one more try. I yell
this time "Good evening! Is anyone upstairs in apartment 10?"… "No!"
🙂 Finally, an answer, and a female voice as I expected! I inform her
that I’m the guy below her. We go back and forth for a while, she has a
beautiful voice, her name is Lydia. I asked her about her cat and she
told me about her room mate. I asked her about her occupation and she
told me she was a student and worked at Red Lobster. I tell her I’m
living alone, she says I should come up for dinner some time. I say
that sounds good.


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  1. Will / May 9 2005 12:47 pm

    Actually there’s Party In The Park this Wednesday that I might invite them out to. Sound like a plan anyone?

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