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May 8, 2005 / TildeWill

BBQ Bash

This weekend was the great house warming BBQ that i mentioned about a
month ago when I first moved in. It was kind of poor timing on my part
being the last day of finals at Purdue and Mother’s Day right
afterwards, so I wasn’t expecting a huge turnout. Present at said BBQ
were my parents, Brittany, and Jess.

parents came in Friday night and we went out to Karlo’s Italian Bistro.
It was a lot like Olive Garden, but a little bit more pricey, and a lot
more "real-Italian-atmosphere". I put that in quotes because I’ve never
been to Italy myself and probably can’t judge "real-Italian" anything,
but it felt more Italian to me.

The ladies showed up around
4:30 and I slapped my meat on the grill and we were eating burgers
before ya knew it. One burger had to be sacrificed to ensure that
gravity was indeed working in front of the grill (aka it fell on the
ground). We watched the derby, biggest upset in derby history btw,
which only goes to show you that people cannot predict an animal’s
behavior very well still. I managed to pick the horse that came in dead
last, and Jess picked the second to last. It made me laugh. All race
long I was saying "my horse isn’t even on the screen!".

the race my parents hit the road so they could get back home to see Jon
today since he’ll be in town for a photography deal. The three of us
left sat around and chatted a bit, enjoyed the view off my balcony a
bit, and then decided to head to Haufbrau House for some spirits. The
ladies rode together and invited the Funks along. We ended up in the
back room, mainly to avoid the smoking, but we also avoided the loud
music and table dancing, which made it a lot easier to converse with
one another. I ordered a full liter of wheat bier, and managed to
finish 90% of it, which was alright by me since I was driving home.
Holly brought her mom along who was in town for the holiday and while I
felt somewhat uncomfortable being me in front of a mother, I went ahead
anyway because I don’t get to see Jess and Britt all that often.

Side note: Holy Jesus my arm pits have a weird funk to them.I need a shower post haste, I blame the bier for this!

In summary, good times because of great people. People make all the difference.


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