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May 1, 2005 / TildeWill

The Go Between Guy

In life there are people who stick to their own set of friends, and there are people who are the go betweens, the friends who span multiple groups. Some of these people just happen naturally, some assign themselves to this position, to be diplomats of rival groups, or to get groups with different talents to work together to accomplish more than either group could do independently.

I am one of those people who assigns himself to that position. I think people are amazing, and they have every right to be in their own group, but when you put people together in the right way it iis amazing the things that can be acomplished. I think that’s why I like being a leader, I think that’s why I tend to want things done my way sometimes, because I see the potential in people to do great things.
People are great. I love you guys.


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