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April 25, 2005 / TildeWill

Like I’ve Been Saying

I was talking to my parents having one of those quality conversations that keeps me going back home when I can and we got on the topics of sex and later death (not together). What we kinda disucced indirectly is how people shy away from talking about these experiences. The only thing I could think about was "Why would people ever shy away from talking about two of the most common experiences we have in life?" Aside from taxes, the only other sure thing is death, and we’re all bound to greive at some point or another. I don’t have the answer here.

While my hands are empty for an explanation presently, it does remind me why I set out to jounal and blog. I want someone down the line to feel normal, to know that someone else has had the same or similar experience that he has. To know he isn’t alone, that the problem can be overcome, or that the joy is one he should feel comfortable taking. While I may have a handful of unique experiences in my lifetime, I will have a lot more that I could share with other people and perhaps bring them comfort in letting them know that someone else went through it too.


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