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April 25, 2005 / TildeWill

It is beyond late

But I had a good time at all three of my major activities for this
weekend: B-day with Dad, fencing picnic, and dinner with Josette. More
about them later, but if I forget, there’s an awesome sushi place on
Main St. just West of 6th called Koroko’s. It’s owned and run by a guy
named Tony who makes all the sushi. He’s a funny old man. It was kinda
cool to go there because Josette seemed to know everyone who worked
there. I guess that’s what I liked about fencing, it was that way for
me, everyone knew my name. And now those days are over for the PFC

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  1. Josette / Apr 25 2005 5:25 pm

    i actually don’t–they have a lot of waiter turnover. but i’ve been going there for so long tony and kay know who i am, and that’s good enough.

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