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April 23, 2005 / TildeWill


Jacqui kinda mentioned the high points of the night already,
but tonight I went out with Jacqui and Clint to Jillian’s. It’s kinda
like a Dave and Buster’s or a Game Works from what people tell me. I
will say I was excited about the bowling, the billiards, and the dance
floor. There was also a hibachi grill place there. We didn’t go
dancing, which was fine, I kinda just wanted to get a lay of the land
anyway. So we played video games, sipped drinks, and finished it up
with two games of bowling.

Jacqui totally hustled us on the bowling scene.

My review is that it had a lot to do, but I was displeased with the
service overall. There was a long line for bowling, long line for
billiards, and the beepers they had were always out. The place didn’t
even feel that busy. The waitress threw away my order for a drink, then
when it came time to settle up she had our credit cards for nearly 15
minutes. We weren’t in a rush, but no one really seemed to care there.

Some of the emptiness might have been due to the huge squall we had
this evening. Ya know how the radar is yellow in bad areas, and red in
terrible areas? Well there was PURPLE on tonight’s radar. I think that
means it is bad.

To finish off the week I got donuts. I’ll eat one for every person who had a birthday this week.

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