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April 20, 2005 / TildeWill

Trash Guardsmen

I’m down to three small boxes now from the move. When I took out the
first box of packing paper I opened the gate to the dumpster and I
found a friend. His name is Mr. Raccoon! He likes to sit on the
dumpster door and eyeball anyone who comes in. He isn’t shy, and he
didn’t bite, he just sat there. I closed the door and left Mr. Raccoon
to his business, and I went about mine at another dumpster.

I’m pleased with the way things have unfolded. The second bedroom is
occupied by my futon, flip and fold, desk, and computers. The master
bedroom of course has my bed along with my book cases, and dresser. The
bathrooms both have shower curtains and linens that match for the most
part. The living room/dinning room area is the sparsest, but I had
forgotten about my 2-seater papzan so there is at least a couch like
thing in addition to the bean bag chair and the other chair.

a mini fiasco, Best Buy did deliver my washer and dryer units today. I
have already done a load and I’m lovin’ it. I was telling Jacqui that
after five years of not having a washer/dryer in my place of living it
felt good. She reminded me that Jefferson Commons had them in the
apartment… so it has only been 8 months, but it felt like five years!

think my static IP has kicked in and I’m done moving computers around
so this site should be up more or less forever or until I move again or
decide to change stuff up again. I lost my journal I think, somewhere
in the process of getting a new computer a few months back I might have
killed 10 years of Will Read history. I’m sure I’ve got partial
backups, but if it isn’t there then some of it is going to remain lost
in the sands of time.

Work has been fun these past few days.
I’m at that stage where I have my computer and access to most
everything I need, but no big projects yet, so I’m feeling like a hero
taking care of the little things that Adam and Oscar have wanted done
for a while, but were low priority enough that they just weren’t
getting checked off. My current mini project is figuring out how to get
a DHTML menu to appear on top of a .NET component (this one is kinda
like flash or an SVG). IE likes to render those things so they’re on
top of everything all the time. My solution right now is to make an
object to replace the DHTML menu out of Flash or something similar.
We’ll see.

Other than that I think I might be planning to go out to Jillian’s
and see what the night life is all about on Friday. Saturday I go home
to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (we might go rope some gazelle if I’m
lucky). Sunday is the club picnic, where hopefully I can get some
closure with a few more people before that last string to Lafayette is
cut. I’ll also clean out my old apartment and turn in my keys.

form that it’s just work and settling in from here on out. I’ve made a
bit of a resolution that I’m going to stay away from fencing personally
for a while until I find my footing here. In the meantime I plan to
read a little more, spend a good amount of time outside, and maybe do
that volunteering I talked about this time last year. I think that last
one would be a good way to meet some decent people in the area.


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