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April 17, 2005 / TildeWill

OMG Village Coffee House Closed!

I have no internet in Lafayette and I wanted to post and check my email
and voice mail so I headed for the Village Coffee House, my home away
from home, where I’d go when the chips were down and I needed to escape
my normal living environment. There’s stuff on the specials board that
reads "20 unemployed on a whim" and "2 weeks notice?". It looks pretty
recent because all the furniture is still in there. I miss it already.

So now I’m in the Vienna Coffee House (which has way better hot
chocolate, but all the freaking beatniks in town go here. The people
are weird and I think that you’re expected to sponge internet form the
dumb people in the apartments above who don’t know how to secure a
network because the closest network is clearly not in here. Nads,
The Frenchman was in here when I came in, he looked like he was sipping
on a power bill with a side of internet bill. LOL.

EDIT: The Purdue Exponent had this article.


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