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April 17, 2005 / TildeWill

Oh The Things You’ll Learn

When you stay up till dawn with 4 of the best people in fencing club
(and perhaps some of the best people you’ve met in the last 6 years)
you can learn amazing things. You can also have amazing conversations.
I can think of only a handful of deep meaningful conversations I had
with a friend that didn’t revolve around a problem or crisis. This was
unique because it was just that, but with 4 other people all at once.

I’m gonna miss the club.

It was Big Joe, Nads, Becky, Bruno, and myself. We didn’t want to waste
precious old people social time by watching a movie and not talking, so
we all ended up on Joe’s porch poking at a fire he had in a grill
making s’mores and drinking as we chatted. Around 4 am we started going
around and really telling each other how we really felt about each
individual. Everyone was honest, not positive, not negative, just
honest. It was amazing. I learned some interesting things about myself
and my interactions with those four over the years. I only wish I could
have that kind of thing every weekend. I will always keep this memory


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