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April 17, 2005 / TildeWill

NAS Day5: Training Complete

I didn’t get a certificate or anything, but my training is over. I got
to spend the last two hours of the day actually working and it rocked.
I am made for this job. I can’t wait until Monday when my computer will
be in and I can really start to get into things. I was late to work by
about 5 minutes (which really doesn’t matter because I’m salaried AND
they didn’t start before I got there, the speaker was even later than I
was) because they decided that 42, the road I take from Florence right
to NAS’s doorstep, needed to be resurfaced and it looks like that
project will run for several more days if not weeks.

The people I’ve met all seem like vibrant, nice, people. The one thing
I have noticed and I don’t know if it is a Kentucky thing, a NAS thing,
or just a thing, but everyone is very honest about their opinions of
others, good or bad. Everyone just lets you know exactly what they
think. I kinda like it, but it’ll be a while before I start loosening
up to that level.

Summary: Week 1 rocked, but I’m glad I get to go to my desk on Monday.


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