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April 14, 2005 / TildeWill

NAS Day 4: Fire!

Today was pretty ho hum in comparison to the fire extinguisher training
we did where I got to put out a gas fire… twice! I also got to have
lunch with Adam and another Level II programmer from the hot mill and
gained some more insight to my new job.

The fun part of the day was hanging out with Brittany in Louisville.
The drive down 42 from Ghent to Louisville was everything a country road
should be, complete with four beautiful, easy to see deer. Once I got
in we hit up Rocky’s which as Britt put it "is not a hard core Italian
restaurant" so I ordered fish which isn’t really Italian in my book,
but the had it on the menu so I ordered it and it was good.

We then went back to her place, grabbed out jackets and my frisbee that
is in my car at all times, and threw the disc around for a while down
by the Ohio River at a park. She also gave me a history lesson/ verbal
layout of Thunder Over Louisville, the nation’s largest fireworks
display. Sadly I’ve obligated myself to go up to Lafayette/Monticello
that weekend so I’m gonna miss it again. Britt can throw a frisbee a
lot better than she gives herself credit for, she should still keep her
day job, but I think I made her run around more than she did me.

I always forget that Britt can keep me on my toes in that she crosses
the appropriate-inappropriate line just as often and as well as I do.
We always laugh a lot. Her cat has a "lamp shade" collar on to keep her
from licking herself, it makes me laugh and I made a million jokes in
my head about "turning on" the cat… inappropriate.

It’s late, other wise I’d write more. Thanks to everyone who has gotten back to me about my new address and May 7th gathering. I always like sending that kind of email out because I often get a response out of people I haven’t talked to in forever. It can also be a good bridge to repairing old and damaged friendships. People are important, all of you.



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  1. wynk / Apr 15 2005 2:09 pm

    Fish is actually very Italian–far more Italian than most things you’ll find at, say, the Olive Garden. Especially considering the entire country is basically a longass peninsula surrounded by about five different seas…the freshest fish I have ever had was at a lunch in a little restaurant in Venice–they’d caught it THAT MORNING. It’s surreal to walk through a huge fish market and a few hours later eat the same fish for lunch. Mmmmmm.

  2. Jacqui / Apr 15 2005 2:20 pm

    Er, isn’t Italy a mediterranean country? And the largest meat staple of mediterranean, and therefore also Italian, food being fish?

  3. Jeff / Apr 15 2005 2:37 pm

    So, in Italy, which is surrounded by water, they don’t eat fish? Are they all hydrophobic or afraid of messing up the oil in their hair? Please educate me.

  4. Diego Iaconelli / Apr 15 2005 2:57 pm

    "I ordered fish which isnít really Italian in my book, but the had it on the menu so I ordered it and it was good."

    You’re kidding, right? Please?

    As an Italian, (meaning, both parents, and I’m fluent, and I cook) I feel it my duty to inform you that you’re a fool. A fool and a what’s worse, an uncultured fool. Fish has long been part of the Italian diet; Italy, as you (hopefully) know is a peninsula, it’s surrounded by water. Fresh fish is in abundance, It makes up a huge part of the Mediterranean diet, Italian, Spanish, Greek, etc and is a major food source. Not only that, but it’s eaten cooked, raw, salted, and smoked from Venice to Siracusa.

    Fish, and to an even greater extent, shellfish, are not only an Italian food in that it’s something eaten every week by almost every single Italian (56 million Catholics who, though not all practicing, still out of habit eat fish of a Friday) but in that fish is also popular with guests at Italian restaurants the world over, such as the outstanding Zilli Fish in London (

    Do yourself a favour. Learn what Italian food is. And if I ever see you use a bottled, pre made sauce, I’ll fucking cut you.


    Iaconelli Diego, M.

  5. Will / Apr 15 2005 5:25 pm

    Ok, yes I know Italy IS surrounded by water, that there is probably a fair amount of fish in their diet, and all that other stuff. But when I think Italy I think of pasta, not a plate of salmon and roasted veggies like broccoli.

    And I like bottled pasta suace, I know it isn’t “the same” as homemade, but it’s easy and gets the seal of approval in my book so what’s it matter?

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