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April 6, 2005 / TildeWill

My Greatest Fear

Now that I’m leaving town, I guess I got to thinking about the thing I
fear the most. I am always afraid that someone will not want me around
and never tell me. I guess it mostly pertains to fencing. There were
people in the club over the years who I could not stand, and I let them
know, and as a result several of them left. I’ve always been a part of
Purdue Fencing for the last six years. Ex-girlfriends aside I have
always feared that I’ve unwittingly pissed some people off along the
way and that they never told me how much my presence irritated them.

Sometimes I feel that way with people I don’t know so well. Nads tells
me that real friends tell you when you piss them off and I think he’s
right. I still freak out from time to time I guess and I usually ask
the person if he/she is upset with me.

I’m the same way in relationships. I forget that it’s easy to overlook
differences when you care about someone in either a friendly or
romantic way. Maybe I don’t let it be easy for myself to overlook
other’s differences so I inadvertently assume others are the same way.
Yeah, that sounds like me.

*adds this to list of things to improve upon*


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  1. Jessica / Apr 7 2005 6:44 pm

    Hi! Thank you for the hard drive. Sorry I did not get to see you the other weekend. It turns out I have mono so at least now I know why the thought of moving Brittany’s things made me want to crawl into bed. It sounds like it all went well though.

    I really appreciate the hard drive. It was very thoughtful. I think I am actually going to return it though. The Girl Scouts are selling their old computers. I may be able to get a Pentium III 933 mgh computer for $125 (including monitor and keyboard). So I think I’m going to go that route. It sounds like your move is happening very soon so I am sure I can get it to you sometime since you’ll only about 50 minutes away. Good luck with the move.

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