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March 28, 2005 / TildeWill

Deflated, but not Defeated

This past weekend was the IU Open. I drove down with Ben and Pocket
Friday night and we all (8 Purdue fencers, plus Brittany, Whitey, and
Gabe) stayed at Bruno’s place Friday night and had a grand old time.

Saturday I fenced like I’m supposed to. I finished 6th out of 19 which
is right about where I should finish considering the skill level of the
five fencers above me. It felt good to fence well at a tournament again
this year. I didn’t renew my C, but it’ll happen someday. Big Joe
earned his B in a well fought match against Bill and Jay.

After a nice relaxing dinner at Bucceto’s,
a pizza place… before I go on I must mention that the wait staff was
all female and all very attractive, and not in the fake Hooter’s way,
but in a girl-next-door way, and they were very friendly too. I wonder
if it just worked out that way or if they specifically hired them that
way. Anyway we drove back to West Lafayette and it was late so I stayed
at my place instead of continuing on to Monticello.

In the morning I went to my parents place, we went to church, brunch,
and then came home. My brother fell asleep and the three of us all
played Pente. Pente is tough with just two people, but three is
downright hard. You opponents either need to mess up big time or you
need to set up a win that would require more than two stones to block.
I stuck around for dinner then headed home. I picked up a futon cover,
bag of beans for my re-acquired bean bag chair, and a mini ironing
board from Meijer on my way in.

Today I will accept my job at NAS (which stands for North American
Stainless, not National American Stainless as I mistakenly said
previously), and I’ve pretty much pinned down my apartment that I want
to live in. I only wish I could go down to see it before next Tuesday.
I’ve still got some ends to tie up for RCF, but it’ll get done.


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