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March 25, 2005 / TildeWill

Today’s Excitement

Yesterday I was excited about the prospect of having my very own
business cards. More than anything else that this move means for me,
business cards. I’m weird. I know.

Today it is being a part of a new fencing club. I don’t have to worry
about the old politics of PFC (instead I get new politics). I also get
a coach, and a new take on running a club. It’ll be good input for my
own coaching growth and in my RCF running endeavors.

Tonight I’m heading to IU for a fencing tournament on Saturday. Some of
the fencers of yore will be there, namely Bruno and Whitey. No Purdue
foilists…AGAIN. I hate fencing alone. Hate it.We’ll see how I do, I
really want to at least earn a D to know I’m not a total fencing
blunder on the strip. It’d kick butt if I renewed my C but I don’t feel
it happening.

I wonder what part of my job/location change I’ll be excited about tomorrow…


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