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March 25, 2005 / TildeWill


Apparently, this is what happens when you’re away from your phone from 6pm until 9am the next day. Heaven forbid people go do stuff with their evenings.

Good morning, Will.

Tried your phone again and got the "full" message.

We’ll need to speak with you today — preferably early in the day — about the offer at NA Stainless. Companies tend to withdraw offers when candidates go incommunicado at this point in the process. Also, I understand there is a strong 2nd choice candidate they were weighing in deciding on you. If you don’t respond pretty soon — like today — NA Stainless is likely to go with the 2nd guy.

If you have an issue with the company or the offer, you need to let me know. ([Recruiter] left for vacation today.) I can’t address anything I don’t know about. [NAS Human Resources Director] called us yesterday wondering why we couldn’t reach you for an answer. We had to tell him you seemed to have disappeared and were not taking voice messages. That kind of thing tends to make an employer reconsider his decision.

It’s easy to think that once an offer is made, it will hang out there for as long as the candidate wants. Things usually don’t work that way. The offer will go away if the company thinks the candidate is playing games. Keep in mind, our credibility with the employer is your credibility. When we tell them we can’t reach you, they understand that we certainly are trying hard and you the candidate are just not responding.

When we speak with NAS today, we’ll have to tell them you’re refusing messages and not responding to emails like the one I sent late yesterday afternoon. In all likelihood, they’ll take that as a sign that you’re not interested and go ahead with the 2nd guy.

If you’re no longer interested, courtesy would dictate you letting everyone know what you think. It’s never a good idea to burn bridges.

Thanks, Will. Give me a call.

[Associate Recruiter]

I want this job and told the HR guy I’d get back with him Monday. And who is this "strong second candidate"? The guys at NAS told me flat out that I was the only person who had all the skills they were looking for. OMG OMG OMG.

EDIT: I’ve spoken with both the Recruiter and the NAS HR department and everything is in order for me to officially accept on Monday, they are not going to replace me with Guy #2.


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  1. Becky / Mar 25 2005 11:04 am

    Big companies are tough. I got my internship offer four months after I interviewed for it and they expected a response within a few days. Now that I’ve signed a formal ‘accept’ for the job, they’re making me fill out 3 different applications for employment. . . dumb.

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