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March 18, 2005 / TildeWill

Blinkin’ Bow Tie Every Week!

OMG! Apparently you can dance with 90% of the women, hot ones included,
if you can get them to laugh. Who knew!?!?! I guess I kinda knew, but I
couldn’t ever pull that off in a bar atmosphere before tonight. It was
of course St. Patrick’s day and while there was a "most green" contest,
I decided it might be bad to go to my job interview tomorrow with
patches of green skin and hair form the night before. So I went in my
Good Will green slacks that I bought on Wednesday. Add to that a white
collared shirt and my blinking bow tie and the outfit is almost
complete, but my head was naked. So I ran out and got a $2 fuzzy Irish
cap for the win.

No I walked in the door and the girls at the counter thought I should
win the "most green" contest. I raised my eyebrow and promised them I’d
do my best. No one was there, save in the piano bar so after I filled
my cup that’s where I went. I was later joined by Mark (see prior post on my trip to Louisville). We chatted it up and then I had to pee, and shake my butt on the floor.

I started doing my usual Will thing where I dance alone, and now I
smile because it works better than a snarl or a white man over bite and
zoom, magic, women everywhere. I found myself surrounded by three
beautiful ladies for the better part of a song or two. I got lots of
compliments on the tie, I also got that I was "cute" so I guess that
ends my beef with the word cute, I can no longer say "cute" has never
gotten me anything. So I danced and the women kept coming over to dance
with me. One of the other things that helped was they gave out some
beads at the radio station booth there and I was trying to collect all
the leis and beads I could for the most green contest, so I used that
as a starter for some dancing. Then once I had lost that contest (to
people much more green, but less cute) I had plenty of beads and things
to give to the ladies who wanted them. I even handed away a lei to a
guy who was willing to buy me a drink for one so his girlfriend could
have one.

All in all I counted 15 women and 2 guys that danced with me (woah
there fellas! but they were having a good time and their lady friends
would usually dance with me after that like I had been tested by the
guy and came back ok). One woman even told me her boyfriend was
standing over in the corner *points* but that she was going to dance
with me anyway. I was on fire. I had a couple of repeat customers even!
All over a blinking bow tie.

So from tonight I learned:
1) catch their eye
2) make them laugh
3) dance like you’re having fun

There’s probably a fourth like "make sure alcohol is present" or "dance
in a poorly lit room", but we’ll pretend those factors are given. I had
been graced by so many tonight that I decided to return the favor on a
few women who were less gifted externally. One girl grinned from ear to
ear the entire time I danced with her. Another girl talked to me a lot
so she got a lei and scooted back to her cousin who probably pressured
her into dancing with me.

St. Patrick’s Day IS my favorite holiday. Always has been, always will be.



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  1. Brittany / Mar 18 2005 11:10 am

    Go Will

  2. Nads / Mar 21 2005 12:09 am

    WTF mate, you better not be serious about the “every week” part. You are meddling with forces beyond your comprehension.

  3. Will / Mar 21 2005 8:52 am

    I’m breaking out the propeller hat (beanie) this week, we’ll see what comes of it.

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