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March 16, 2005 / TildeWill

The Plan I’m Building

I should hear back tomorrow from a guy who wants to submit my resume to National American Stainless for a job that matches my skill set very
well. The job would be permanent and located 30 minutes south of Cincinnati in Ghant, KY. My resume also showed up on the radar of a company out of Dayton and they were asking Whitey about me. No dice on the Purdue lead yet, so right now I’m looking to leave Indiana if I want to get a permanent job. But is that all that matters? No! Here’s the list I made of things that are important:

Benefits to Lafayette:

  • River City Fencing
  • Jefferson High School Fencing
  • Purdue Fencing
  • Apartment lease doesn’t expire till July 31
  • Friends from Purdue who are still in college

Benefits to Cinci:

  • Old friends, Jacqui, Clint, Whitey, etc.
  • Big City
  • More job opportunities in technology
  • Dunkin Donuts in Area
  • Superior chili (Dickerson had me add this one)
  • Non-Indiana education system

friends thing is really a wash, because some of my Purdue friends will graduate in May and move away anyway, and so it’s close to an even exchange in Purdue vs. Cinci people that I know. If I’m really thinking about setting up roots in a place, I hate and loathe the Indiana education system, a lot. I don’t know what Ohio’s is like, but I know someone who works at a school in Cinci and she doesn’t complain about it as far as I know. I don’t care about the chili, but having a Dunkin Donuts in the area again would be amazing. So that leaves fencing. I could still do a lot of good at Purdue if I was around, but then they’ve subsisted on no coach for many years before so I’m not worried
about them. Jefferson High is going into it’s fourth year of fencing and they’ve got some kids that are strong enough in foil that they can lead a beginner’s class on their own without my help. So that really leaves River City Fencing as the only thing holding me back.

I sat down and drew a diagram of all the parts of RCF. There’s the expenses that I don’t mind covering myself. There’s advertising, that I might be able to talk a member or two into taking up, there’s open practice which anyone with a key to get in can handle, and then there’s classes and lessons. The beginner’s class could probably be taught by some of the people who have been through the class assuming they’ve got the time. Lessons and advanced classes are a different story. Part of
me says I could come up on the weekends and give lessons, part of me says "where are these free weekends you speak of?". So another thing I’ve considered is merging RCF with Purdue Fencing, letting them run it and use it as a source of income for the Purdue Club. But then I think about being in college and how much crap I had to do as it was. I know Mike would be busy and probably couldn’t do it, Big Joe might come out and teach epee if I asked him to, Anne is going to have a hellish year of school so she’s probably out, and for sabre I can’t think of anyone
who is both personable and knowledgeable and is going to be around next year.

What I really need is a coach to magically appear in Lafayette, oh wait, that was supposed to be me. *sigh*

As a last resort I could close down the space at Great Skates and just
make us a traveling club, maybe run out of a fencer’s driveway over the summer, or from a community center on a few days a week. I really want RCF to make it, I know it can, but I think part of that deal is that I have to come along for the ride.

If anyone else has some thoughts or ideas I’m all ears.


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  1. Someone / Mar 17 2005 10:32 am

    Try Prof Mark Smith. He may take up the gauntlet of RCF. Maybe you can share costs with him and some coaching time with him as well.

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