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March 16, 2005 / TildeWill

OMG t3h Jobs

Apparently the trick was to update my resume because now I’ve got head
hunters beating down my door. Nothing has really appealed yet, but at
least now they’re seeking me out. I wonder what the difference was.
Honestly my work experience AND college degree should have made it like
this back in August when I was first looking for a job.

Anyway the process with Purdue is slow going (who’s surprised? not
me!). But I’m supposed to call back someone today about a contract job
out of Indy doing some Visual Basic 6 programming. She said the
application is similar to a fast food drive through, but for
trucking… yeah I’m just as confused as you are. But if the pay is
good I can handle the commute and it might work out that I could have
that wrapped up by July and just take the time off from all jobs and
hopefully have a full time employment position lined up for mid-August.

Speaking of July, does anyone need a place to live for a month? I’ll be
out in Colorado and there’ll be no one at my apartment. July 1 – Aug
11. I currently pay $400/month in rent and another $100 in utilities,
so make me an offer!


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  1. Will / Mar 16 2005 10:54 am

    Update! I just got off the phone and it sounds like they’re going to submit my resume to the company in Indy. It sounds real casual and the term is 30-60 days which is perfect for going out to Colorado for coach’s college. The pay would be the same as Alcoa which also kicks butt. Interview dress is kakis and a collared shirt, no suits! I’d be developing a touch screen application for in cab data access. Sweet!

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