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March 14, 2005 / TildeWill

Great Weekend

I had written a somewhat lengthy post last night about this past weekend, but my computer ate it so I’ll do my best to recreate what was written.

Brittany had let me know she was moving out of her parents place and into an apartment and she could use a few hands to help. I was of course happy to oblige her request and excited to see her and several other people I had not seen in a while, namely Chris, Jenny, Jess (and meet her new boyfriend Ryan), and Britt’s family who have always treated me very well whenever I have spent time with them.

The bonus was that I drove Mark down with me and took him home too since he lives in West Lafayette too. Marks the kind of guy who’ll talk to you for hours about all sorts of ideas he has rolling around in his head. I think the best part is that he’s always excited about all of it. He made for great company in the car ride and all trip long actually.

Friday night we got to Brittany’s place and we three chatted till about midnight and had an occasional comment from her two younger sisters. After a good nights sleep and a pleasant dream I awoke to pancakes and French toast prepared by her dad and sister. Britt went on ahead to sign paperwork and pay the first month’s rent and we loaded up all the vehicles we could find. Britt had done an awesome job of packing stuff in boxes and labeling them with where stuff goes so after a few hours she was virtually 100% moved in.

After Jenny and Chris took off, Mark, Britt, Krista (Britt’s sister), and myself went to a Mountain Jack’s type restaurant for dinner. The sisters sat next to the guys and our waiter, who wasn’t on top of it, asked if we wanted two checks or just one. We all laughed and joked about being on a double date the rest of the night.

Afterwards we hit up Starbucks so Mark could get his fix and then it was off to the Have a Nice Day Bar of Louisville. We got our first round, sat down, watched the near-empty dance floor, and then Mark and I made our respective attacks on the dance floor much to the amusement of the ladies. We then went to the other half of the bar to find much more life and activity, namely a train of women on top of the bar dancing for free drinks. The female bartender who got up there was drop dead gorgeous. Mmm hmm!

We more or less paired up, I with Krista and Mark with Britt, and we enjoyed some close booty shaking. The ladies looked great and smelled great too, so who was I to refuse? Half way through I caught another woman eying me up and the ladies told me I should go hit on her. I was hesitant because the eye contact i was seeing was more of the “look at that guy, he’s a weird one” instead of “look at that fine piece of man”, but I eventually went over none the less, she laughed at me, I retreated, ego in tact.

So then it was home, sleep, lunch, and the road. Mark wanted to take a side trip to see his family briefly and I was in no rush so we got off 65 and onto 160 West, then onto what we thought was 60 West. At this point we had been on the road for an hour when I see signs for 65 again. I look at Mark and ask “Hey, where are we?” Turns out we had gone East on 60 and ended up about 10 miles South of the 160 exit and just a few miles away from Brittany’s new place. So we swung by her apartment and drew a map of our adventure and off we went. Mark and I laughed about the experience the whole way home.



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  1. Brittany / Mar 14 2005 5:23 pm

    Thank you so so so so much for your help. It made it possible for an empty apartment to feel like a home in less than 2 days. The map has also provided me much amusement, so I guess it was good for everyone. And Sat was the best non-date I’ve been on in a long time! : )

  2. Will / Mar 15 2005 12:27 pm

    Yes, I should clarify that of the four of us who went to dinner and dancing, none of us were dating each other. Thus making it “the best non-date date” I too have had in quite some time.

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