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March 8, 2005 / TildeWill

Homeboy Phase Out

With my new computer, SmallFry, I’m slowly phasing out the use of my laptop, WillNotebook, and my desktop, Homeboy. Last night I think I finished moving stuff from my laptop to SmallFry so I’ll probably turn off that computer soon and relocate my speaker system to the TV hutch.

I’ve also started using SmallFry from work via Remote Desktop Connection instead of Homeboy. SmallFry is way faster and I am back to using MS Office again instead of Thunderbird and Sunbird. I guess what I really like is the way my calendar and word processor integrate so well with my email client. OpenOffice and the Mozilla products just don’t have that going for them.

Soon I’ll move my web server to SmallFry as well and be down to just one computer (finally!). Of course this means there will be some downtime on this site eventually, but I’ll be sure to give plenty of notice. Speaking of web site, I haven’t posted my stats for this month, nor do I intend to. They’re always available and my summary doesn’t do the data justice. There are a few of you who have been searched for and you may find it interesting to see what words people attached to their searches to find you here.

It should also be noted that I’ve started a new page (see the right hand sidebar) for “Memories”. Basically I remember random parts of my life and they’re very vivid memories so I want to write them down to serve as a starting point for understanding who I am. Other than that, this is Will Read, over and out.


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