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March 7, 2005 / TildeWill

April Fool!

The nature of being a temporary employee is that they don’t need you on a permanent and ongoing basis. That said I had really grown to enjoy my position here at Alcoa and was looking forward to moving into a permanent position. However, it seems that is not in the cards and my last day of work is to be Friday, April 1st.

Dave had very good things to say about me and my work with him which I guess surprised me a bit. He also commented on how I take pride in my work which is true but I never really thought about it.

That’s still a month away, but it kinda puts a damper on my financial outlook. Yeah I’m employed through Manpower and they’re gonna go look for a job for me, but I also need to hit the streets. I guess this would be an opportunity to make a clean break if I wanted. RCF’s contract expires in April and I could give that up if I needed to. I could move back to Farmington Hills, or out to Cinci. I could also stay planted right here. I kinda wish I could just coast on no job till August so I wouldn’t have to worry about how Coachs’ College would affect my work, but then maybe I’ll get a three month position with Manpower and it’ll be ok. Who know what the future holds.


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  1. Mom / Mar 7 2005 3:13 pm

    Will, I’m sorry to hear of your job situation – I know that you’re ready for a permanent job. Ironically, I think that’s Jon’s last day at Julie’s, also.

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