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March 1, 2005 / TildeWill

The Making of a Coach (and other things too)

Ah content that isn’t my own! It’s good to see others posting here, even if it isn’t related to me because it gives me something new and refreshing to read on my own site. Comments, to an extent, also fulfill that call, but this feels so much better.

Colby, the unwelcome dog at Meg’s apartment has a new home so the next time I go over there I will not be attacked by the dog of doom. He was a decent dog, but he was just huge for an apartment and Meg ended up taking care of him a lot more than she should have for a dog she didn’t ask for. Speaking of Meg I’m going to see her this weekend. There’s some Shakespeare festival this weekend and so we’ll probably hit up a play. I’m really looking forward to seeing her since it will have been three weeks since the last time we saw each other.

As for a computer update, all my new parts are in, I have TV output, and all the software I use is installed. Right now it won’t playback DVD’s and it won’t take the audio output from my TV card into the line-in connection. I think the line-in jack is borked.

I just called Physical Chess and my coaching jacket should ship today. It’s not like them to take a week to get something in the mail like this, but no worries. Tonight is also my first round of private lessons with Sam from West Lafayette High School. He’s taking a lesson each week and hopefully we’ll see him at open practice more too.

I must admit I’m somewhat apprehensive about giving so many private lessons on a regular basis. I know there is plenty to teach him, but I really only know where to begin, and beyond that I’m going to be winging it. It’ll be good because it’ll force me to sit down and think about what needs to be done and my blade work as a coach will improve hopefully. With regular lessons it brings me one step closer to being a full time fencing guy too.


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  1. Meg / Mar 1 2005 11:11 pm

    I think that in a private lesson, you already know how to deal with something beyond the basics… you did it with me when I was up there. Just fence him, and stop him and tell him “try this” and “here’s why that wasn’t the best idea” and so on. It’s a really good way to learn.

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