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February 18, 2005 / TildeWill


So I’ve neglected some stuff this week because work has been hellish and I’ve devoted a lot of my free time to upgrading this site. First let’s kick this pig with I LOVE GoogleMaps!!!! I’ve been trying to stray from Google as of late and over to Yahoo because I like the search results I get over at yahoo better, but it is so much easier to type “google space age dinosaur” than it is to type “” then “space age dinosaur“. Yeah I could make a search shortcut in Firefox, but I’m lazy.

Next on the list, the first Cadbury Egg of the season is always the best! No wait, the second one was the best… no this one… THEY’RE ALL GOOD!!!!

I’m sick, and when I wake up in the morning I cough out things that look like mini facehuggers from the Alien movies. I expelled one the other day on my door step and I half expected it to scurry away.

This weekend my only plan is to do my taxes. I’m doing them online myself at It is pretty cheap and this way I’ll know what to do for next year with my own business and all. I also plan to watch The Godfather parts two and three since Netflix has graciously shared their copies with me.

I’ll probably work some more on my website too, but hopefully not too much so as to interfere with getting my tax refund post haste.

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