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February 18, 2005 / TildeWill

Cactus Last Night

Last night was of course Thursday night, and Thursday night means NEON CACTUS BABY!!! But I told the people going into it that I couldn’t be staying out till 2/2:30 and then hanging around at someone’s place till three then going home and going to bed at 3:30. So we bailed at 1 ish and then went to Triple XXX for some food since the Philly Cheese Steak stand hasn’t been there the past two weeks and Nads is always hungry.

The group this time was Nads, Big Joe (aka Heavy Duty), Adrienne, Mario, and Lindsay. Lindsay was her usual quit, but social, self. Mario was much more withdrawn than usual. But the remaining four of us yucked it up pretty good all night.

Nads did not jump on any cars and destroy any car lamp fixtures this time and the Rusty Bucket had tons of energy. I was pleased to hear “Monay Monay” played. All in all a good night. Around 11pm Josette IMed me accusing me of being out drinking, which I was (not a whole lot because I was DD), but it makes me wonder how she knew.

It should be noted that my car does not hold six. Next week if there is a possibility that we’ll be taking back more than we brought we are taking two cars, end of story, though it was kinda nice to have Adrienne sitting in Joe’s lap and talking about putting her head in mine 😉 (Hi Meg! I love you).


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