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February 17, 2005 / TildeWill

Test Geo Plugin

So I got frustrated with the Geo plugin for WordPress, not because it was lacking in features, but because the way it tied into web application like MapQuest and GoogleMaps. It isn’t really the fault of the Geo plugin, but a shortcoming of these services and their inability to handle geo data as well as street addresses.

So being the nerdy programmer I am, I took that plugin and modified it to take street address information instead of latitude and longitude information. It works pretty well IMO and you now see city links near the header of each entry and it takes you to GoogleMaps where you can then get driving directions to my place and leave me gummy bears on my door step.

The plugin is kinda ugly right now because there’s a lot of unused code and the layout of the admin options page is kinda weak. I’ve signed up for a development account on so you should be able to follow my work from there soon (I just need to figure out how this darn dev site works).

To Do:

  • Add more services, Yahoo, MapQuest, others (please suggest any you know of)
  • Include location name, like “Home”, as printable item Done 2/18/05
  • Clean out unused code Done 2/18/05
  • Streamline admin interface on both option and write pages
  • Make my plugin play nice with the Geo plugin it is based off of

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