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February 13, 2005 / TildeWill

Bad Will, No Donut…Well maybe a few

Balls. Sorry i haven’t posted since early in the week. Like I mentioned
I went and picked up Meg after fencing and then we turned around and
drove back. We got donuts along the way and the guy unloaded an extra
six donuts on us because I’m his "buddy". More likely is that the
donuts were gonna get stale and they were glad to have the business at
1am. Anyway we got back at 3:30am or so and I crashed out.

I awoke and went to work with a few donuts in a bag. I made it through
the day and fortunately there were no problems, so it was just catching
up on projects. I actually felt pretty good about the stuff I did get
done, especially after lunch when I got my second wind. Then Meg picked
me up and we went to RCF to fence. Mark was there and I had the new
scoring box so we broke out the electric Epee stuff. I gave Meg a few
bruises which looked pretty ugly by the end of the weekend. Then it was
a quick retreat home then out to the Neon Cactus with Nads, Big Joe,
Adrienne, and Mario met up with us later.

I was DD so I wasn’t drinking much, but Adrienne and her little body
got hit pretty hard after the first cactus cupful. Meg got pretty tipsy
too and I knew she was over the edge when she tried to kiss me on the
dance floor and kept hitting my cheek, forehead, and eye instead. Mario
went through five cups in the time we were there and wasn’t looking so
hot either. It gets under my skin the way he STILL clings to Adrienne,
but I love the guy. We all went back to my place after dropping off
Mario and Adrienne. We were gonna eat some of the excellent soup Meg
had made for me earlier that night when Mario called and Joe went to
meet him and I guess had Mario back on his feet by 4:30am. I was long
in bed when Joe called to let me know everything was ok, but by long in
bed I mean 3:30am…again.

Friday hurt. I can’t remember the last time I was so tired. And of
course everything blew up at work and not in a good way. It got so bad
that I got a phone call from a lady:
Me: Hello, this is Will
Her: <condescending tone>Hellllllooooooooooooo
Me to self: WTF? F*** YOU LADY
Me: Is this [person’s name] ?

and so on

That was just the icing on the cake. When I was hired it was never in
my job description to repair mission critical applications. Every hour
those things are down it probably costs Alcoa thousands of dollars, or
at least that’s what they want me to believe. I hate that kind of
pressure. I like the kind of pressure where people are wanting new
things, not when old things are broken. I came home and passed out. Meg
took the car (with my permission) and visited with her friend Paul. I
woke up to a phone call from Nick the Hater who was asking me to be a
reference for him for a new job at EB. I’ve never been a reference
before and been called so this was new.

Meg and I watched the "Untouchables" with Kevin Costner. I had seen it
way back in the day, but that was 1987 and I was six so it was good to
see it again. My beef with the movie is that there wasn’t enough time
of the movie dedicated to the period where the foursome was
"Untouchable" so it kinda eats away at the title, but that’s life I
guess. Then it was time to pass out, and pass out we did.

Saturday, no plans, so we made some. We went to Toy’s R Us and I picked
up some board games since they were on my wish list for Xmas and no one
came through on that item. I got Monopoly, Pente (which is awesome),
and Simpson’s Clue. I love clue, and I love that Mr. Smithers plays Ms.
White, lol. The weapons are pretty funny too. Now all I need is a small
gathering to break in said games. We checked out a sale at K Mart and I
grabbed a mini kite. We then went to Colombia Park in Lafayette to try
to fly it, but all we got was muddy feet. So we put the kite away and
walked around. We found all sorts of cool things at the park, like the
senior center, and a really cool amphitheater, and a neat boathouse for
social gatherings like wedding receptions and stuff. There’s also a
little zoo, like with mountain lions and stuff. Who knew? Throw in the
water park and we’re certainly going back in the summer.

We got back and broke out the Pente and then made her officially my
girlfriend by making Meg watch both Spiderman movies. So good. Meg
doesn’t like it when I talk during a new movie. I like poking fun,
regardless if the movie is new or old. Meh.Then sleep until Sunday.

Sunday out of bed and on the road by 8:30am. I ended up making Meg cry
when I tried to talk to her about her grades. She still didn’t tell me
what they were last semester, but she did convey that her parents have
trained her to be afraid of talking about her grades, because every
time she does less than straight A’s she has something taken away from
her, from TV to books and now her car. I understand and all, but it is
frustrating to be held to a standard set up by someone else. We got
through it and had brunch at Le Peeps in Indy with her friend Pete.
Pete was cool enough and I felt good about letting him drive Meg back
to Cinci. And thus concluded the Meg visit. All in all very pleasant.


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