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February 8, 2005 / TildeWill

RCF Complete

Today it came in, the $350 scoring machine. It will be mounted on the wall tonight at open practice and I will once again have access to electric fencing. At this point RCF now has everything, equipment, space, a coach, and members. From here on out all I’ll be looking for is more. More fencers, more space, more equipment, more tournaments, more fencing.

Last night at beginner practice I got asked if I would ever want to be a full time coach. I had to first explain that I would never make as much by being a coach as I would working with my major. But money aside I would love to be a full time fencing coach. There’s been very few things that have taken hold and stuck with me the way fencing has. I like the people, I like the sport, and I like the expectation that the fencers adapt to ever changing rules and innovations.

I guess the nicest thing about the scoring machine is that RCF can now do everything the Purdue Fencing Club can do (and maybe a little more because we don’t have university red tape) without having to borrow anything. I take that back, RCF still lacks electric sabre equipment, but there isn’t really a demand for it either. It feels good to be able to have a club that runs on its own steam.

I love fencing.


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