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February 4, 2005 / TildeWill

If You Don’t Have Something You’ve Got Nothing

Title by Nads. *shakes head* He kinda reminds me of Filak when he’s drunk.

Last night was Thursday so I went to the Neon Cactus again with Nads and Lindsay, and this time Adrienne, Erin V (another fencer), Big Joe, and Mario came along. Upon entering the bar we needed to go to the coat check way in the back so instead of walking around I cut across the empty dance floor and busted out the Will Read style, much to the amusement of the fools on the sidelines who weren’t shakin’ what their momma gave them. Then we stood in line for the Rusty Bucket (piano bar) which was ok, but we always sit in back and there’s no one to interact with and nothing to see way back there. Adrienne and Erin kept talking about going out to the dance floor so I bailed with them.

It should be noted that while waiting in line, Mario big time shut Big Joe and I out from the conversation circle completely so he could stand next to Adrienne. It should also be noted that Adrienne has a boyfriend who she loves very much and even when they were separated to date other people there wasn’t really a chance for any guy but the boyfriend to come into her life.

So it was weird when Mario didn’t come out to the floor with the three of us (specifically Adrienne). But we danced, I did some fencing moves as dance moves which got some laughs from the girls. So guy that Big Joe kinda knew from three years ago and ran into while waiting in line started dancing with Adrienne. I got up on her front side for a few seconds and then I dance with Erin because she looked lonely and I wasn’t looking to take anyone home because I’ve got all the girlfriends I need.

Eventually the guys come out of the Rusty Bucket and Mario gets super uppity about this guy dancing with Adrienne. *sigh* Love is weird. I dance with Nads and Big Joe and then declared myself “not Gay!” immediately afterwards. Good times.

There was a tussle on the floor (no one I knew though). One girl just palms this other girl’s face and throws her to the ground, then it is a blaze of fists. Some guys pull them apart before the bouncers can get to ’em. It was weird because I almost walked into the middle of it all.

Soon after Adrienne and Erin left and it wasn’t quite 2 AM yet so I suggested a game of pool. Well one turned into two and the score was 1-1 so we had to have a third but damn we should have stopped there because the third game was the saddest game of pool I’ve seen in a while and it took forever to finish. By then we were spent and hit up the hot dog stand on our way back to Nads’s place where he made some kick ass fries again.

We sat around and chewed the fat (and Mario for still being so hung up on Adrienne) and then I headed home just after 3:30am. I then checked my email and went to bed. Man that was a good time though. Dancing and pool are always good in my book.

It turns out this weekend Purdue team event at OSU is only a one day event on Saturday (probably in light of the Super Bowl being on Sunday). It’s gonna be nine rounds of fencing and I’m going as coach. Well I guess it really only is 8.5 rounds, but the most I’ve ever fenced in a day at a team event is maybe 7 rounds, maybe. I’ve got some good material saved up for my strip coaching so that’ll be fun. It also sounds like Meg is making her way down to New Orleans for the weekend. I told her to eat some gumbo for me, mmmm gumbo.


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  1. Mario / Feb 4 2005 4:36 pm

    “Things are only impossible until they’re not.” (Jean-Luc Picard)

    “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” (Walt Disney, 1901-1966)

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