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February 3, 2005 / TildeWill

Jan Web Stats

Something happened last month and I don’t know what it was. THe number of hits, visits, pages, everything doubled over December’s stats. Maybe I’m Googleing better, or maybe I’m writing more and keeping the regular membership, maybe it was just a lot of spam bots. Either way, daily average visit number was 373.

Top 10 search strings:
1 30 8.45% pretty boy
2 9 2.54% green poo (apparently a popular item to research)
3 9 2.54% you touched my tra la la
4 7 1.97% alfs hit talk show (7 hits! woo hoo!)
5 5 1.41% dickersonian (the GD bringing in 5 hits!)
6 5 1.41% dorm boy cam
7 4 1.13% boy cam
8 4 1.13% cam boy
9 4 1.13% donna somerville (who?)
10 4 1.13% man balls (why on earth???)

Names of people who turned up this blog:
donna somerville
anne radavich
felix baquedano
jess marting
ben fogle naked (yes, they want to see a naked Ben)
jenny and anthony
paul geraci
will leland read
brittany eberle
bruce capin
heather malinowski
william kohl of canton mi.

I also got 4 hits for “prostitution” and “what kind of spice are you” each. Anne C and Heather M would appreciate the two hits for “i wish you weren’t a liar”, and I find it entertaining to see “that’s a spicey meatball” in the list. But the winner this month for the title of most appropriate search term that turned up my web site is… *drum roll*… “unpopular dances”! Congratulations to you sir, I wouldn’t have you go anywhere else for that kind of information. Runner up goes to “your not a virgin anymore”.


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