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February 3, 2005 / TildeWill

Chillin With the Radavich

Last night after RCF’s beginner class I went with Anne to The Village Coffee House. It isn’t the greatest place and I’m not a huge fan of their hot chocolate, but I feel comfortable there. It isn’t the snooty beatnik kind of coffee house and it has free interweb so when I go alone I can do stuff on my laptop.

One of the nicer things about the Anne – Big Joe breakup is that the Purdue Fencing Club has been very supportive of both sides in my opinion. At least as a whole, sure there’s gonna be one or two side takers, but in general no one really looks down on one or the other. I don’t know if it is because they’re both from an older generation, or if they’re both epeeists, or if they’re both really good people, or what the deal is. Regardless it is a good thing and I’m glad at least that much is working out for the two of them.

Anne talked about a bunch of stuff that was going on in her life and it was nice to have someone to listen to. Meg and I have both been catching up on our own social lives lately and we haven’t talked a whole lot so it has been great to be an ear for friends like Joe and Anne this week. Don’t get me wrong, things are still very good with Meg and I, we’ve just been busy and missing each other and that’s fine, I still love her :-).

This upcoming weekend is a dual (team) meet for Purdue out in Columbus, OH at OSU. This event has been the cause of some drama in the club both internal and external. The internal drama seems to stem from our limited budget and certain individuals wanting to practice electric fencing. That’s great and all, but the problem is that when you practice with stuff it breaks and then it has to be fixed and we’re just a few days away from a big (what should be a 2-day) tournament. Purdue has limited supplies and the labor is done by our already overworked armorers. I guess the solution here is that if you want to fence electric, buy your own equipment.

The other interesting issue is one I alluded to above, and that is the nature of the event. Initially it was supposed to be East vs. Central on Saturday and East vs. East on Sunday. As of this post I have yet to see any information about a Sunday event from the host school so it would seem that this is a one day event on Saturday only. There are 9 rounds on the sheet and it’s going to be a long day. If everything runs like clockwork, then you can pull off a round an hour. The reality is that rounds take an hour and a half to run and transition to the next round. That means we’re looking at something closer to a 12 hour day of fencing. That’s a lot of fencing.

Either way I’ll be going as “coach” again. I still don’t feel right calling myself a coach because I learned to fence the same time as some of the members. I never did get my coaching vest because it wasn’t available in my size (skinny left handed punk size that is) from the people I tried to order it from. But I have had several people ask for me to go this time or that when I say I’m going they are very excited to have me there. That feels good, it is nice to be wanted.


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