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February 2, 2005 / TildeWill

Spend It Like Ya Got It

I broke down today and purchased a scoring box for River City Fencing. The box is a $350 item and I threw in an award for the beginners tourney and a few other odds and ends bringing my total to $400 with shipping. The box I got is made by Eigertek and is the Eclipse model. The good news is that the Indiana Division of the USFA rocks and has a 3/4 matching program so in truth I only spent about $100.

The scoring box means that I’ll be 100% self sustaining at RCF, no longer borrowing stuff from either Jeff or the PFC and I now have the ability to loan out said scoring box to clubs that are hosting events like Jeff or if RCF goes to Indy or somewhere else.

It’s got the new timings so it’ll be good to practice with those too. I’m excited. UPS ground can’t get here fast enough.


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