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January 26, 2005 / TildeWill

The Tale of Nads

John N. aka “Nads” is someone I’ve known since I came to college. He was in my beginner class and save a few month hiatus due to reasons I won’t go into here, he has been a member of the PFC ever since. This is critical to the story because last night was the PFC’s usual social gathering at Brew Co. and Moses another old PFC member was there. The three of us stayed later than everyone else and told stories about fencing days of yore. There were lots of Scott O’Neal stories, a few Mike Strickland, along with how so many nick names came into being. It was good times.

Most of this conversation stemmed from how the club is changing, how it isn’t the same club we had 6 years ago. I brought up that not all change was bad. Back when Nads and I were in beginner class together I hated his guts. He was the frat boy who drank and ogled the women in spandex across the hall and he always had his hair all neat. The same is still true today, just I managed to climb off my high horse somewhere in there and we’ve become good friends since then.

This weekend will be Nads packed since we’ll both be up at Mishiwaka for Friday Night Fencing and then I talked him into being a referee out at Notre Dame on Saturday and Sunday. That’s gonna be a sweet gig because it’ll be all varsity schools so I should get to see some great fencing. It also pays $75/day and includes hotel and $50 travel along with breakfast and lunch each day. All that for waving my arms around in the air for a few hours. JACKPOT! What makes it better is that Nads will be there and we can cut up in between rounds or just stare at the hot female epeeists together.

What is even more entertaining is that Nads and Big Joe have a mini rivalry to see who can get mentioned more in my blog. Big Joe got his shining moment thanks to some car advice and New Year’s, so I guess this brings Nads back up in the running.

And in case you were wondering, it is way more fun than anyone should be allowed to have to yell “GO NADS!” at him while he’s fencing.



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  1. Mike Strickland / Jan 26 2005 11:20 pm

    That kicks ass. I gotta try and make such an occasion but I live 600 freakin miles away.

  2. Brittany / Jan 27 2005 9:46 am

    Speaking of Scott, does anyone still have contact info for him? I think I used to have his email but in my great mood to finally clean out my email I think I deleted it.

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